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When I start My Own Bookshelf, I get a script error.
My Own Bookshelf uses Quicktime to show movies. If you get an error while the program is in the 'Indexing' mode and before the main screen shows, this is most likely the error. You can download the latest Quicktime player.
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When I make a book and click on Finish, I get a script error.
This is a file system security error. You need to make sure you can write to the directory that the program was installed to. Organizations are locking down the program files directory and My Own Bookshelf 'saves' its data to this directory. To get around this, your administrator will need to create a new install directory, open it up so you have read and write access to it and then reinstall the application to this directory.
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When I add a sound file to a book, I hear "Cinderella Dressed in Yellow".
The sound file you are using cannot be read by My Own Bookshelf. My Own Bookshelf can only ready native 'wav' files and 'mp3' files. You can download iTunes from and if you open the file in iTunes, you can convert it to an mp3 file.

Steps to Convert your sound file to a mp3:
  • Browse to your sound file. This location will be referred to as the working directory.
  • Right Click on the file. Select Open with-> iTunes.
  • Once it has been loaded in iTunes, right click on the file and select 'Create MP3 version'.
  • iTunes will create an mp3 version and show it directly below your current file.
  • Right click on the file and select 'Get Info'.
  • The file information box should appear and the file location will appear under 'Where'.
  • Browse to that location and copy the mp3 file to your working directory.
Once in the mp3 file mode, you should be able to use it in My Own Bookshelf.
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How can I modify one of the sample books?
You can copy a book in My Own Bookshelf and personalize to fit your needs.

Steps to Copy a Book:
  • From My Own Bookshelf Home Screen, select "Book".
  • Select Add Book.
  • Select Copy Book.
  • Choose the book you would like to personalize. Select Next.
  • Give the book a Title and Author. Click Next.
  • Give the book a background color or leave as white.
  • Click Finish.
  • Remove elements by dragging to the trash can.
  • If you want to use the background but want to 'hide' text, simply put a text box on the page and resize it so it covers the original graphic.
  • To remove existing sound files, click on the green '3' cube. Click 'Sound Order' and find the sound you want to remove and click 'remove'.
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How come I can't see the Quicktime movies or hear sound from them even though I have Quicktime installed?
My Own Bookshelf's video playback system may not have the latest video codecs out there for Quicktime. You can use Quicktime Pro to convert your .MOV file to a .AVI file so it can be played correctly. There are also free video converts on the internet such as Bink from Rad Video Tools. They will accept a small donation if you feel inclined.
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How do I get the bookshelves to be ordered alphabetically?
The bookshelves are 'named' when they are created. If you want to change the name and have it show up correctly, you'll have to delete the bookshelf and create a new one. It should be listed alphabetically after this.
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How come I have to keep choosing the default override voice when I start reading a book?
The default 'access' students don't save data or preferences. If you create a student and then use that student when reading, it will save the defaults that you set.
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What additional software is needed to create books like the sample books?
My Own Bookshelf doesn't have image and video editing capabilities. You can use products like Photoshop Elements to edit your pictures and photos. If you don't have a picture editing solution, you can try You can also use Quicktime Pro to resize and edit your videos. My Own Bookshelf does have a voice recording option so you can record mp3 files to be used in the program.
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